Portal Screen


The Portal screen is the gateway to the ALERT Immunization Information System. In addition to accessing ALERT IIS, the portal also provides users access to important forms, hot topics, contact information, and related links.

Described below is the required information for access as well as other provided information on the portal screen.

 Forgot Password?

Users may reset their password without the assistance of the ALERT IIS Help Desk. Users may select the 'Forgot Password?' button on the main login screen at any time during the login process. Users must have a valid email address on file in order to reset their password.

To reset your account password, follow these steps:

1.   Select the 'Forgot Password?' button on the main login screen.

2.   Once you select the 'Forgot Password?' button, the User Information screen will appear. Enter your Org Code, Username and Email address associated with your account. Select the 'Submit' button.  An password reset email will automatically be sent to the email account you have entered.

3.   Select the password reset link from within the email sent to your email account. The password reset link is valid for 24 hours, and may only be used once. After 24 hours or if the password reset link has been used, the link will expire  and you will need to repeat the reset process from Step #1.

4.   The Security Challenge screen will be displayed with one of your previously established security questions. Answer the question and select the 'Submit' button. If you answer the question incorrectly, you will receive another security question. You will have a total of three attempts to answer the question correctly, after which your user account will be locked and require you to contact your organization's super user or the ALERT IIS Help Desk.

5.   Once you answer the question correctly, the Change Password screen will be displayed where you can change your system password.

NOTE:  Should you fail all three attempts to answer your security question, your account and password reset will be locked. You will need to contact the IRIS Help Desk or your organization's Administrative User.

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 Logging In / Logging Out

To log into the ALERT Immunization Information System the user must enter the Organization Code, Username, and Password.

If the user does not have an existing ALERT IIS Username, the user must contact their administrator to obtain a Username.

Once the user has been authenticated by the system the user will be taken to one of two places:

  1. If the user only has one application (ALERT IIS, SNS, etc.) and is associated with only one organization in the application the user will be automatically logged into the application as the organization.

  2. If the user has more than one application or has more than one organization the user will see a list of your organizations the user has access to.

To log out of the ALERT Immunization Information System the user can click the Logout link from any screen.

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To use the Top Menu, move your mouse cursor over the desired section.  As the cursor hovers over the menu, a drop list will appear allowing you to jump to specific location or open a file directly.  Clicking on the menu tab will open the corresponding page.





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Hot Topics

The Hot Topics area is used for identifying upcoming events, system maintenance, etc.  If is more than one Hot Topic available, you will see numbered tabs on the top-right corner.  Clicking on one of the tabs will show the corresponding topic.


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